Victim’s Fit Bit becomes silent witness to her murder

Connecticut police arrested the husband in his wife’s murder when wife’s Fit bit data contradicted the husband story.

According to CNN, in an apparent attempt to establish an alibi, the husband claimed his wife was shot by an intruder at 9:05 am.  Police became suspicious when they retrieved the wife’s Fit bit from her wrist. The Fit bit data revealed that there was movement by the wearer until 10:05 AM. In fact, the party traveled 1,217 feet during that period. The police concluded the time of death was at 10:05 AM or thereafter, not to 9:05, as the husband claimed.

Forensic experts believe that evidence from Fit bits and other electronic devices are reliable and are admissible in a court of law, and will be used more frequently to support or refute live witnesses.

Currently, the husband is awaiting trial. If convicted, this will be the first case where a Fit bit is used to send a murderer “up the river”.

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