Cop tickled corpse, wrongful death suit alleges

After James’  violent  and unwarranted  death, his body was transported to Kern Medical  Center for an autopsy. While at Kern Medical  Center,  James’  body was desecrated  by another Bakersfield police officer, Defendant  Aaron Stringer, who tickled his feet and touched his head while stating  “I love playing with dead bodies.”

The Bakersfield  Police  Department’s abuse of James did not end when they  prematurely took his young and promising  life. Later that evening, Defendant  Officer Aaron Stringer brought  his eleventh-week police trainee, Lindy DeGeare, to Kern Medical  Center to view James’  corpse under the guise of training purposes. Instead of training  DeGeare, Defendant  Stringer  touched  the bottom  of James’ feet, saying  “tickle  tickle”  and stating that he “loves playing  with dead bodies”  while laughing.

Video and eyewitness accounts of the incident that James  made no threatening movements and complied with all police instructions.

You can read the full complaint here